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Student having picked plants from tower garden

Grow plants & minds with

a classroom vertical garden

Cultivating knowledge.

Growing the future.

Welcome to the Urban Growing Club

Student taking PH of a Vertical tower

Where soilless growing ignites a greener,

future-focused education

At the Urban Growing Club, we're nurturing a future where education and agriculture unite without soil. We understand that tomorrow's challenges demand innovative solutions today. That's why we're committed to introducing soilless growing, powered by Tower Gardens, into schools—pioneering a future-proof, hands-on approach to farming and learning.

Step into a future where students become stewards of sustainability through soilless agriculture. Tower Gardens are not just vertical gardens; they're the gateway to a world of benefits for schools:

Discover soilless growing with Tower Gardens for schools

Teach the next generation to grow food sustainably, reducing waste, water usage, and carbon footprint.

Environmental stewardship

Tower Gardens enable year-round growing, offering a continuous learning experience no matter the season.

Year-round education

Nurture a culture of healthy eating and nutritional awareness. Soilless crops are fresh, clean, and free from chemicals.

Healthy habits

Future-proof learning

Prepare students for tomorrow's agricultural landscape. Soilless growing embraces technology and resource efficiency.

Everything you need to get started...

When you enrol with us, you will receive a full package of materials and support, including...

Tower Garden vertical tower
Seedling production tent
Video challenges sent monthly
Online lessons for students and teachers
Full site evaluation before you start

Easy to build & maintain, offering endless fun activities for pupils.

Aeroponic Tower Gardens

The perfect environment to grow healthy seedlings.

Seedling Production Tent

Learn to market & sell, cook from fresh, reduce your food costs and more.

Video Challenges Every Month

Full access to our resource HUB and support channels.

Online Lessons & Resources

At a time that suits you, to ensure the best location for your towers

Full Site Evaluation

Tailored to your school & students

We understand that every school is unique, with different educational needs and age groups. That's why our program offers flexible pricing options to suit your school's specific requirements:

We work with you to design a package that fits your school's size, budget, and educational goals.



Age-appropriate templates

Our learning materials are tailored to the age of your students, ensuring that the content is engaging and relevant.

Tower Farm in a Classroom

Add some excitement to Membership of the Urban Growing Club by visiting a commercial Tower Farm. Our video demonstrates that kids absolutely love this experience. Your students will get hands-on lessons on planting, maintaining and harvesting produce, used in a commercial farm. It gives them an understand of the business aspects of urban growing.

Our sprouting schools...

Ifield Community College
The Hurst School
Kindcentrum Anne Frank school
Pam showing students a cabbage!

Ready to begin?

Whether you're an educator, school administrator, or a parent passionate about progressive education, delve into our website. Explore the future of sustainable farming and embark on a journey to future-proof learning.

Remote maintenance for any problem or question
Visit a commercial tower farm with students.
Print out lesson ideas to help expand  ideas

Your own dedicated WhatsApp Group, for direct support.



In partnership with Sowseeds, plus a planting plan.

Annual Supply

of Seeds 

A field-trip to a working Tower Farm, facilitated by our team.

A Tour of one of our Tower Farms

A wide range of written materials by Tower Garden, for all ages.



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