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Discover a world of

possibilities in education

A school program

Healthy learning!

The Urban Growing Club's school programs open the door to a world of possibilities in education. Join us in cultivating future leaders who are not only well-informed but also passionate about sustainability and agriculture.

Your one-stop solution for all your school's needs...

At the Urban Growing Club, we've got all your school needs covered. We provide all the essential equipment and resources to effortlessly bring the wonders of our soilless systems into your school. Our setup is a breeze, and our remote maintenance service ensures it stays that way.

When you enrol with us, you will receive a full package of materials and support, including...

Dedicated support

Dedicated WhatsApp Groups serve as a private space for your school to connect with our expert team and fellow members within your school. This platform allows you to share ideas, seek assistance, and enjoy a rapid 4-hour support response time. All discussions and experiences are kept confidential within your school community. Our aim is to foster a thriving community of urban gardeners, and to empower your hydroponic gardening journey with knowledge and resources for a flourishing vertical garden.

Annual supply of seeds

Included in the Urban Growing Club's comprehensive equipment package for your Tower Gardens, we're delighted to offer a full year's supply of seeds. This special feature guarantees a constant and abundant harvest, perfectly synchronised with our monthly children's challenges, creating a seamless and enriching learning journey for all.

A tour of a Tower Farm

Open the door to a world of exciting opportunities, including the chance to visit one of our remarkable Tower Farms. Joining our club means you can explore our state-of-the-art vertical gardens in person, witnessing firsthand the magic of sustainable farming and hydroponic cultivation. These tours provide an invaluable educational experience, allowing you to see the concepts you've learned in action and inspiring a deeper understanding of environmental sustainability. Join us today, and come explore the future of farming with a guided tour of our Tower Farms!

Curriculum lessons

Our carefully designed curriculum lessons are tailored to inspire young minds, instil a deep appreciation for the environment and encompass a range of topics. We believe in providing students with the knowledge and skills needed to become stewards of a greener, more sustainable future. Join us, and let our curriculum lessons be the foundation for a transformative learning experience that goes beyond the classroom, nurturing eco-conscious leaders of tomorrow.

Aeroponic Tower Gardens

These innovative, year-round growing systems serve as the hub of our club, providing a hassle-free and accessible platform for hands-on learning. With Tower Gardens, we offer the exciting opportunity for students to nurture their own produce, fostering a profound connection to healthy, sustainable eating. These green wonders provide a tangible way to explore the intricacies of eco-friendly farming and nourish young minds with lessons in nutrition, environmental stewardship, and the joy of watching their efforts bloom. With Tower Gardens, the learning never stops, and the possibilities for a greener future are endless. Join us today and let the magic of these gardens transform your educational journey!

Seedling production tent

The Grow Tent serves as the foundation of your hydroponic system within your Urban Growing Club. It provides a controlled and enclosed environment for your plants to thrive, shielding them from external factors and allowing you to create the perfect microclimate for optimal growth.

Monthly video challenges 

We believe that learning should be exciting, diverse, and engaging. That's why we offer monthly challenges that cater to every student's unique learning style. Available in both video and written formats, and covering a wide array of subjects, our challenges are designed to be not only educational but also fun and entertaining, promoting cross-curricular exploration. It's a fantastic way for students to expand their horizons, nurture their passion for learning, and connect with like-minded peers. 

Online lessons & resources

Join our club and gain access to a treasure trove of online resources. We're dedicated to providing our members with a wealth of knowledge and materials to support their journey in sustainable gardening. Our online lessons and resources, including valuable insights from Tower Garden US, are here to empower you with the tools you need to succeed. From planting tips to troubleshooting advice, we've got you covered.

Full site evaluation

We offer a unique and personalised service—a full site evaluation conducted over Zoom. In this one-on-one session, our experts will walk you through the process, ensuring your club is set up for success. We'll provide guidance on the ideal location, setup, and maintenance practices tailored to your unique environment. This virtual site evaluation ensures that, no matter where you are, you're well on your way to a flourishing Tower Garden and a bountiful harvest. 

At the Urban Growing Club, we're more than just Tower Gardens; we're your partner in nurturing a thriving soilless growing program within your school. Explore the array of support and resources we offer to ensure your success.

Your green team

Meet your green and dedicated support team – passionate experts committed to your school's soilless growing journey. From answering your questions to troubleshooting issues, they're just a message or call away. We're here to support you every step of the way.

Online resources for

teachers & students

Access a wealth of online resources designed to enrich both educators and students. Dive into informative articles, engaging videos, and interactive materials that delve into the fascinating world of soilless growing, sustainability, and nutrition.

Webinars &

training sessions

Join us for enlightening webinars and training sessions, led by experts in urban agriculture and education. Gain insights, tips, and hands-on experience that will empower you to make the most of your Tower Gardens and maximise their educational potential.

UGC maintenance tips

Discover essential maintenance tips and best practices to keep your Tower Gardens thriving. Our comprehensive guides ensure that your gardens continue to flourish year-round, providing an uninterrupted learning experience for students.

Downloadable materials

Explore a library of downloadable materials, including lesson plans, worksheets, and educational materials tailored to different age groups. These resources are designed to seamlessly integrate soilless growing into your curriculum and classroom activities.

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